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Product Identification

Synonyms : Glycer in e triac eta te , Glyce rol tria ce tate ,
Glycery l triac etate , 1,2,3 - Prop a ne triyl tria ce tate,Tr ia cetylg lyc ero l, P ro pa ne-1,2 ,3 - triyl triace tate,1,2,3-tr ia cetox y p rop a ne, 1,2 ,3 - p rop a netrioltr ia ceta te ,1,3-diac elyloxyp rop a n - 2 yl a ceta te, enza ctin, fu nga ce tin,ac eticacid 1 ,2,3-propane tr iyl es ter,(tr i-)acetin, tr iacetine .
Molecular Formula : C9H4O6
Molecular Weight : 218.2
CAS NO. : 102-76- 1
EINECS NO. : 203-051 -9
RTE CS No. : AK3 6750 00


Colour and Appearance : Clea r o ily l iq uid
Moisture, % w/w : 0.1 Max
Bo iling poin t @ 7 60 mmHg Deg C   258-260
Spe cif ic g ra vi ty @ 2 5 De g C : 1.154 -1 .158
Acidity % w/w as ac etic ac id : 0.2 M ax
Purity % w/w : 98% M in
Solub ili ty in wa ter   Slightly solub le (71.7 g/l @ 25o C)
Refractive Index @ 25 Deg C. : 1.429 -1 .431
Flash Point, Deg C : 140


UN NO. : Not regulated.
Haza rd cla s   Not regulated.
Packing class : packed in 2 00 Ltr iro n drum

Packing & Storage

Packing : 240 KG / d rum Nett
Storage : Store in c ool , d ry p la ce in tig htly sea le d conta iner s,protecte d from he at a nd lig ht, separated f rom strong oxidi zing age nts.


Used for plas ticis ing synth etic rub ber a nd cellulo se derivatives, plas tic izer for cellu lo sic res ins , vin yliden e polym ers and copolym ers , nitro cellulo se and e thyl cellulo se, usefu l for im parting plas tic ity and flow to lam inating resin s at low temperatu res , used as a solven t and carrier in pharmaceu tical prep ara ti on s as a solvent and fix ative in the compoun ding of p erfumes and flavors , it serves as an ing redie nt in ink s for printin g on p la stic s and oth er n onabsorb en t su rfaces , high solven t p ower, low vola tility and low toxic ity accoun t for its u se as a specia lity solvent.

Metal processing, ca talys ts and ch em ica l processin g, pigmen ts and optical brigh ten ers , ma nu fa ctu rin g of dyestu ffs , as an an tiknock agent in fuel, viscos ity improver in biodie sel, solven ts in perfumery, flavorin gs, cosmetics and a djuvan ts for the fu nction o f humectan t, couple r for oil and wa ter emuls io ns, film formers, solvents a nd vehic le s, it is u sed as an antifu ngal agent in external m ed icine for topical trea tmen t of sup erfic ial funga l in fection s of the skin. Triacetin is applied to cig arette filte r as a p la stic izers , it is u sed as a gelating agen t in explo s ives .

It is ea sily hyd roly zed , releasin g free acetic acid, processes requ irin g – in situ gen era tion o f a cid, such as tex tile dyein g.

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