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Synonyms : 2.Methyl Recorcinol, 2-Methyl1, 3-benzenediol, 2,6-Dihydroxy-methylbenzene, 2-Methyl-1, 3-Dihydroxybenzene
Chemical Structure : 2-ethyl-hexyl-acetate
CAS NO. : 608-25-3
Chemical Formula : C7H802
Molar Mass : 124.14
Description : White to pale yellow crystal
Identification : Rf and Retention value of the sample is concurrent with that of the standard sample
Solubility   Soluble in methanol and insoluble in water
Clarity   Clear transparent solution
IRON content   Less than 20 ppm
Melting Point   119.3-122.1'C
Moisture Content  


Purity by HPLC   NLT 98%
Storage   Store in controlled room temperature and keep away from strong drect light.
Packing   25 kg fiber drums


  • 2-Methyl Resorcinol is used as a component of hair dyes, Anti dandruff agent in shampoo and sunscreen cosmetics. It is also used as a chemical intermediate to synthesis pharmaceuticals (to trat acne and other greasy skin conditions) and other organic compounds. Intermediate for CROMOLYN-Antiasthma,
  • Intermediate for FLAVONOIDS-Anti-Ageing
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