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Product Identification

Synonyms : Sec.Propyl acetate, Acetic Acid Isopropyl ester; 1-methylethyl ester; isopropyl ethanoate; 1-methylethyl ethanoate; 2-propyl ethanoate; 2-propyl acetate; 2-acetoxypropane.
Molecular Formula : C5H10O2
Molecular Weight : 102.13
CAS NO. : 108-21-4
EINECS NO. : 203-561-1
RTECS NO. : AI4930000


Colour and Appearance : Clear colourless liquid
Moisture, % w/w : 0.1 Max.
Boiling Point : 890C
Specific Gravity @ 25 Deg C : 0.88
Acidity % w/w as acetic acid : 0.05 Max.
Purity % w/w : >99%
Refractive Index @ 20 Deg C. : 1.37454
Flash Point, Deg C : 20C


UN No. : 1220
Hazard Class   3
Packing Group   II

Packing & Storage

Packing : 180 kgs. drum.
Storage : Preserve in tightly closed container.


  • Solvent in commercial printing. (A) Rotogravure inks – for magazines, books, news paper, inserts and catalogs as well as packaging printing on paper board, metal and plastic film (B) Flexo graphic inks – for paper, cardboard and plastic- packaging materials
  • Solvent for coatings – for wood furniture and fixtures, agricultural, construction and mining equipment, containers and auto refinishing.
  • Industrial process solvent, Cleaning fluids, Cosmetics and personal care products, Fragrances.
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