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Product Identification

Synonyms : 2-Methyl Propyl Acetate, Acetic acid, 2-Methyl Propyl ester, Acetic acid iso butyl ester, â-Methyl Propyl ethanoate, 2-Methyl-1 Propyl Acetate
Molecular Formula : C6H12O2
Molecular Weight : 116.16
CAS NO. : 110 -19 - 0
EINECS NO. : 203 -745 -1
RTECS NO. : Al4025000


Colour and Appearance : Clear Colourless liquid
Moisture, % w/w : 0.1 Max.
Boiling Point : 1180C
Specific Gravity @ 25 Deg C : 0.871
Acidity % w/w as acetic acid : 0.02 Max.
Purity % w/w : >99%
Refractive Index @ 25 Deg C. : 1.388
Flash Point, Deg C : 180C


UN NO. : 1213
Harzard Class : 3
Packing Class : II

Packing & Storage

Packing : 180 Kgs. Drum
Storage : Preserve in tightly closed container


  • Used as a solvent for paints and surface coatings, mainly in solvent – borne wood furniture, varnishes and , to a lesser degree, in architectural coatings, with some use in inks and adhesives.
  • An economical replacement for MIBK, Toluene, or N-But yl acetate in many formulations. It can replace N-Butyl acetate if coating needs to dry more quickly, other applications includes cleaners, adhesives, extraction solvents, cosmetics, and personal care and fragrance solvents.
  • Volatile solvent for the manufacture and application of many types of finishes. It is also widely used in pri nting inks, aerosol sprays, coatings, thinners, sealants, adhesives and as a processing solvent in the pharmaceutical industry.
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